Force Factor LeanFire XT

Burn Fat While You Fuel the Brain!

Force Factor LeanFire XT is different from other weight-loss supplements. It includes Metabolic Mind Matrix, a mixture of compounds that will not only help you burn fat, but also prime the brain for your daily mental and physical routines.

What You Need to Know About Force Factor LeanFire XT

Force Factor LeanFire XT is GNC’s best fat burner. Metabolic Mind Matrix promotes thermogenesis, boosts your metabolism rate, and increases the body’s demand for energy… but without neglecting the “mind-body connection”

Does GNC Have It?

Yes! GNC has it. Save money and time when you get yours online.

Size and Servings

The serving size is one capsule, and there are 60 capsules per bottle. You get a two-month supply!

Force Factor LeanFire XT Ingredients

The ingredients contained in each tablet are listed under three categories: the Fat Incineration Complex, the Pure Energy Complex, and the Metabolic Mind Matrix, each consisting of a cocktail of herbs and amino acids.

Fat Incineration Complex

> L-carnitine: Helps turn body fat into energy
> Green Tea Extract: Has antioxidant and thermogenic properties and may increase fat oxidation
> Cayenne Pepper Extract: Can increase energy expenditure by approximately 50 Kcal/day, thereby producing significant weight loss over time
> Piperine: A black pepper (piper nigrum) extract that produces “heat”

Metabolic Mind Metrix

Caffeine: Stimulates the brain to make it feel more awake and energized
> L-theanine: An amino acid derived from tea and used for stress relief, it prevents caffeine’s side effects
> TeaCrine® Theacrine: Derived from the tea plant, it is known to reduce stress without drowsiness

Pure Energy Complex

> Bitter Orange Extract: Increases metabolic rate, decreases food intake, and may reduce gastric motility
> Yohimbine: Stimulate effects of fat incineration complex by increasing peripheral blood flow
> Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE): Involved in processes which produce acetylcholine; increases memory, mood, energy, and oxygen efficiency
> Advantra Z®: Boosts thermogenesis especially when combined with a stimulant

More Information About Force Factor LeanFire XT

To burn fat, Force Factor LeanFactor XT contains L-carnitine, green tea extract, and cayenne pepper extract. They are common components of weight loss products. It also includes an extract of black pepper that aids in thermogenesis. Relatively new, this patented compound is scientifically proven to increase the absorption of nutrients up to 30%. A 150mg dose of caffeine is included in each pill, equivalent to about an 8oz cup of coffee. The side effects of such a concentrated dose are counterbalanced by the presence of L-theanine and  extracts of the tea plant which aid in relaxation.

DMAE, from the Pure Energy Complex, helps in the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which boosts memory, mood, energy, and oxygen efficiency among other things.

> Consumer reviews rave about weight loss and alertness from this product
> Contains ingredients to help increase energy
> The Metabolic Mind Matrix boosts focus and mental function
> Induces thermogenesis thus compelling the body to use calories and energy to lower body temperature
> Keeps you awake without giving you the jitters
> 30-day money-back guarantee

The Bottom Line – Force Factor LeanFire XT

Supplements are supplements. They are meant to help one lose weight, not do all the work. Combined with exercise and proper diet, Force Factor LeanFire XT definitely works. Its ability to help you lose fat and keep you alert makes it a contender for the best weight loss supplement anywhere.

Get yours online NOW.

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