Nutrex Research POSTLIFT

Recover from Work-outs Quicker – Grow Stronger Faster!

Nutrex Research POSTLIFT™ is a post-workout recovery supplement in powdered drink form. This product lessens the need for downtime between workouts. It helps with protein synthesis and cellular hydration. It also promotes muscle recovery and growth, helps replenish glycogen, and  accelerates nutrient absorption by the presence of Highly-branched Cyclic Dextrins (HBCD) in the formulation.

What You Need to Know About Nutrex Research POSTLIFT

Users say this product compounds the effect of work-outs. It enables you to get more out of the work you do and make fitness advances in shorter time.

Does GNC Have It?

YES! GNC does have it!  Save money and time by ordering online.

Size and servings:

Serving size is two scoops, and there are 20 servings per container. Dissolve into 14-16 oz of water immediately after exercise.

Nutrex Research POSTLIFT Ingredients

This is a power-packed formulation. Ingredients are delivered in clinical full-effectiveness. All are backed by scientific testing. Immediately after a workout, you want to refuel. That’s exactly what this product does.

> Calcium: In the  form of calcium potassium phosphate citrate: A macromineral involved in bone development and muscle function. It is the ion involved chiefly in the contraction of the muscle.

> Potassium: A macromineral needed for proper functioning of muscles and nerves as well as to maintain acid-base balance and osmolarity throughout the body.

> Phosphorus: A macromineral important in the normal growth and structure of the skeletal system. It is also needed for many metabolic processes of the body.

> Highly-branched Cyclic Dextrin: This is a man-made dextrin formed by reacting amylopectin with a branching enzyme. It has long chains of glucose arranged in a helical structure which low-molecular weight compounds can easily complex with. Though high in molecular weight, its effects in osmotic pressure are minimal, thus it is easily transferred from the stomach to the intestine, where it is readily absorbed. This allows for the other components of the drink (electrolytes, vitamins, etc) to be absorbed more readily.  The effect is to replenish glycogen, but without the insulin spike most simple sugars give.

> L-leucine: Considered the main amino acid of the BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), this substance promotes muscle protein synthesis by activating the protein mTOR. L-leucine is the most studied of the three amino acids in the group.

> L-isoleucine: This is the intermediate BCAA which promotes glucose uptake and its anabolism during exercise, thereby aiding in recovery. It is quite able to produce muscle proteins; less than leucine but more than valine.

> L-valine: Valine has much the same effects of Isoleucine and Leucine. It promotes glycogen synthesis in muscle cells.

> L-glutamine: This amino acid is a known muscle builder. It is also said to inhibit decreases in muscle mass. L-glutamine blunts blood glucose spikes after eating, thereby stopping a crash before it can happen.

> Betaine Anhydrous: This supplement is derived from choline. It is found naturally in spinach, seafood, and sugar beets. Betaine Anhydrous has been suggested as a lipophilic and it may promote lean muscle mass. Some clinical studies have shown performance enhancement and increase of protein synthesis post-workout.

> HICA (alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid): A metabolite of leucine, HICA is an anti-catabolic and anabolic agent that can help reduce down-time between workouts by decreasing breakdown of muscle proteins

> L-carnitine L-tartrate: A form of carnitine. This substance inhibits degradation of mitochondria and increases capability to use fat to produce energy. It is often used as a brain booster for its capability to increase alertness and overall energy.

> Taurine: Taurine is an organic acid that stabilizes the lipid membranes of cells and aids antioxidants in their function.

More Information About Nutrex Research POSTLIFT

The calcium, phosphorus, and potassium help maintain bone growth. The BCAAs (betaine anhydrous) help build muscle mass. And the l-carnitine and taurine help reduce post-workout stress and make you bounce back quicker.  Nutrex Research POSTLIFT is a post-workout wonder!

The Bottom Line – Nutrex Research POSTLIFT

It’s easy to find praises for Nutrex Research POSTLIFT. It has a solid formulation with no known side-effects. In general, POSTLIFT is an amazing GNC post-workout drink. It can help you exercise more with less fatigue.

Get yours online NOW.

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